Alexander A. 2 days ago
3 stars
Loud neighbors, overflowing trash, feral cats, maintenance wont get to you for weeks. Pools are nice.Walkways and trees are good. A lot of this is Covid, but some of it is systemic. All in all, not bad, but not great either.
Lanisha T. 3 days ago
5 stars
I love the office staff very friendly down to earth and helpful.love the neighbors and amenities.our swimming pool and fitness center are absolutely mind blowing...i apperciate we have assigned parking and the residents actually respect each others spaces.
Abbey D. 5 days ago
4 stars
Kensington is a pretty quiet neighborhood with lots of stuff available to do around it. This includes gyms, grocery stores, and plenty of places to eat!
Lisa S. 5 days ago
3 stars
Overall this is a quiet, nice place to live. To be honest, I'm disappointed by a couple of things. The lack of organization in the leading office and untimely email responses and also the fact that residents leave trash lying around and don't clean up after their dogs.
Elizabeth K. 6 days ago
3 stars
Our move in date was pushed back 2 days with no accommodations offered so we were basically stranded for 2 days without a place to stay. Our apartment is spacious and manager is nice.
Athena J. 11 days ago
0.5 stars
Things are starting to go down hill. Each time I've called the office to report a problem in the past few weeks it's been hard getting someone to resolve it. I have an issue that still hasn't been resolved, despite being told I would be contacted by the new business manager Oct 1, 2021. I haven't from anyone since I made my inquiry with the leasing office.
Lona C. 11 days ago
3.5 stars
Little things are still really nice and quiet here and I'm things aren't looking too good in the garden because we had a leak Jamaican eat or adapt but you look it back I can do it little by little my leg is still bad but I guess it's going to be that way I don't know been 6 months now
Amanda C. 12 days ago
3 stars
I wish the office staff would be more available by phone. I have repeatedly tried to get someone on the phone and it always goes to voicemail.
Deseray A. 20 days ago
5 stars
Awesome and quiet place to live. Perfect place to live Close to work and my kids school. Also has plenty of shopping areas near by. 3 pools, laundry and a gym.
Austin M. 20 days ago
5 stars
awesome place to live great people, the only thing that gets to be alot can be the rent price its all fine until they accidentally charge you multiple times for renters insurance