Eboney 5 days ago
5 stars
My 4 years here have been great. The office staff is great and so is maintenance. I’m located close to all of my favorite stores. And my apartment is spacious.
Loujuana 6 days ago
5 stars
So far so good we have been have a good experience I have no complaints yet a few days in to our apartment so I have nothing bad to say about this
Jabrea 6 days ago
5 stars
Very nice and quiet I love it the management team made the move a very quick and easy move, by switching over all of the accounts and having everything online it made for a great move.
Mona 9 days ago
5 stars
i love it here , i would recommend others to stay here , it's quiet safe and the workers are soo LOVEABLE . It's NOT ghetto , it's NOT loud , it's peaceful .
Amy D. 4 weeks ago
3 stars
I love the community that we have at Kensington Apartments. Most of our neighbor's are good people, nice and friendly...plus, we look out for each other. Which is a plus, in my book...But the apartment complex itself, has gone down hill. Between leaking ceilings, flooded carpets, and fallen trees, it look like a hot mess.
Lashon B. 4 weeks ago
4.5 stars
I have been living here for 7 years and enjoy my apartment here the maintenance is good and timely the office staff is good and the location is good
Skylar S. 4 weeks ago
5 stars
I work at night and it's always quiet during the day. I love it!! When I am around at night it's just the same. Super glad I decided to move to Kensington!
Linna L. 1 month ago
3.5 stars
My experience not very exciting. I moved in in July of 2019 and the blinds in the kitchen had to be changed and I talked about it several times, but blinds never been changed and by now they are really falling apart. And we have roaches in the apartment, I hadn't seen roaches in my place for 40 years. Plus the water issue been on and off all the time I have been living here for over 2 years of residency. Sorry, but unfortunately I don't have a very exciting experience
Sophia S. 1 month ago
2 stars
Overall, I’d say don’t move here if you would like to keep your sanity. The location of the apartments is great, Jackie is super helpful, and the maintenance/cleaning crew is amazing. Aside from that, there’s not much to speak highly on. The front office rarely answers the phone (I’ve had to call around 7 times one day to get an answer). If you like hot water, DON’T RENT HERE; there are “emergency” water shut offs almost every week it seems. The drainage system is non-existent/lacking severely considering the sidewalks are flooded every time it rains. The list goes on.
Alexander A. 1 month ago
3 stars
Loud neighbors, overflowing trash, feral cats, maintenance wont get to you for weeks. Pools are nice.Walkways and trees are good. A lot of this is Covid, but some of it is systemic. All in all, not bad, but not great either.