Phillip 0 days ago
4 stars
The pools are very nice, we've done a few bbq while taking a swim. The gym is great, it's helped me to get in good shape, & I like have the option for my packages to get dropped off at Luxor.
Eboney 1 days ago
5 stars
I’ve been a resident for 4 years and my experience has been really good. The office staff is amazing as is the maintenance staff. I’m a happy resident.
Mohammad 12 days ago
4 stars
Bio, I am happy to leave in Kingstone in Kings Way, and I am happy from the environment and from our niabor and from new Kingstone staff so far.
Skylar 13 days ago
5 stars
Went to the community brunch, and mimosas today at the main pool. It was great to meet some new people, and I can't wait to use the brand new Pizza oven!!
Alexander 13 days ago
2 stars
They are overcharging and rent increases are insane. We pay for valet trash service which has only picked up once for us over the last year and they are charging more. The feral cats are all over, as is dog and cat poo. We are constantly fighting fleas and when we asked for help, they sent the exterminator in and he sprayed a little on our carpet and left. We have been trying since April of last year to get them to put in a railing on the stairs near our apartment as my wife is disabled. She ended up falling on the stairs and breaking her toe. They cannot keep staff and there are only one or two employees that are still the same as when we moved in.
Debbie 14 days ago
5 stars
Great place to live! Beautiful landscape. They love cats! I have been happy here for 15 years and plan to stay a long time!!!The ladies in the office are really nice and helpful. Five stars!!!
Michelle 27 days ago
4 stars
I have lived here for almost 3 years and its not so bad. Managment sofar seems pretty cool maintenance always rocks and neighbors keep to themselves. Cats run this complex tho.
Lona 1 month ago
4.5 stars
It's got to be something like a miracle or something it is so peaceful backhere serene it's like um peaceful here over there not so I just love it here
Rachel 1 month ago
3.5 stars
I enjoy living here. I really wish they would fix the gate and put cameras up for the people who keep breaking it. It’s a safety hazard. Also people speeding through the parking lot. There are kids who play outside mine are two of them.
Keyshawnna 1 month ago
3.5 stars
Being here at Kensington has been an experience. Yes interesting. I like how it is mostly quiet here and have lovely neighbors. I just dislike seeing cats that are homeless. The office staff I can't really speak on due to having new staff and me not really going in. But the few times I have been in they were pretty nice and seem to know customer service, but I won't judge until I really to sit with them a few more times