Michelle 4 months ago
5 stars
They are really starting to be the perfect apartment aside from the amount. They do so many wonderful activities with the residents here, its awesome. Not what you expect off of Watt Blvd
Zohal S. 4 months ago
3 stars
It’s good for us we are happy from our residences .They are working hard to make it protect us you know it’s hard to control all people are deferent and our things get older in these years I would like to see them new many of my friends like the apartment but as they see my home got old and broken they get sad and turn their face.
Jabari 4 months ago
4 stars
i've been living here for five years now.... its crazy to think i could stay in one place for so long......i like how close it is to everything.......
Lona C. 4 months ago
5 stars
I've been trying to clean up in front so it looks better I just love it here nice and quiet back here nobody's selling drugs or anything that's good I'm sorry about yesterday I couldn't rate you because it wouldn't register I wasn't in a very good mood I just keep working out there and keeping it up nice thank you very much
Jeremy 4 months ago
4.5 stars
???? very good and clean nice trash service and maintenance the pools are clean and residents are friendly plus they have a pizza oven for residents to use
Mohib Rahman 4 months ago
4 stars
I am living here since 2019. I am happy. Everything is good, market close to apartment, School close to the apartment, AC system is really good
Anika 4 months ago
4.5 stars
Beautiful people nice things to say I hope that'll be able to remain your resident I also want to fix what's going on I'm just now applying and it's saying that I'm a resident and apartment over 12
Tejauhn 4 months ago
5 stars
Nice , very professional and helpful . Gave me resources to make moving easier financially for me and my family , very spacious environment , worth the monthly rent
Isabel 5 months ago
5 stars
I absolutely love how quiet the complex is . I always feel safe walking from my car when I get home late . I do wish people would get there laundry out of the wash room in a timely manner and that people would pick up after there dogs .
Willie 5 months ago
5 stars
So far I love it , it’s spacious plus the valley garbage I never experienced anything like that before . Plus the neighbors are helpful and nice