Nicholas C. 4 months ago
5 stars
Sort of a golden needle on a haystack, this place is pretty nice and relaxing. There is a lot of stray cats, but that's literally the only thing to complain about.
Zalisha O. 4 months ago
5 stars
I love living here, everyone seems friendly enough. The way they try to get the community together is great, seems like something always going in to get involved in
Tina W. 4 months ago
5 stars
I really enjoy living at Kensington community it feels like home! The leasing and office staff is so accommodating and friendly. Especially Francine. I will definitely renew my lease for another year!
Michelle P. 4 months ago
5 stars
Kensington has been my home for about three/four years now. They have guided this complex thru the pandemic smoothly and safely. They have done all things possible to protect the residents as well as keep our needs into prospective. I love it here.
Missy H. 4 months ago
5 stars
Have no complaints been living here for five plus years and love it I don’t see myself going anywhere anytime soon. My family and I love our apartment
Jorgie V. 4 months ago
3.5 stars
Scenery is beautiful. Maintenance is always occurring but it is to keep up its looks! Wish there were more places to sit, though they are installing more benches :)
Randil F. 4 months ago
4.5 stars
This should've been extremely nice if resident will not overspeeding in the middle of the night and not crashing the stop sign other that it's nice staying here since next door is not always here to make hecka noise. ❤️
Ryan R. 4 months ago
5 stars
Managment takes care of any problems I have. Always reliable Love the new washer Friendly neighbors Love the doggie bags and trash around the complex Gym poor is great for my son Love the gym too Matience crew always great with helping solve my problems Really improved from last couple years
Katharine S. 4 months ago
5 stars
I love the atmosphere here. The vibe is always pretty chill. The office workers are phenomenal and the maintenance crew is out of this world. They all work with you and do their best to solve any problems their residents have expediently and effectively. Having a gym within the complex is so awesome. It has a pretty good setup as well. There are three pools. It is close to many restaurants and shipping centers that we frequent and it is close to the school we want our kidsnto go to.. We have been here for two years and just started our third year. Definitely recommend living here.
Eboney B. 5 months ago
5 stars
The location is great. The apartments are spacious. The office staff and maintenance are great also. Located near all of my favorite places.