Mona B. 5 months ago
5 stars
I love the management, although I thought it wasn’t going to work , the manager , made sure I moved into my apartment. It’s quiet . Nice , respectful very beautiful. Definitely a different scenario.
Lashon B. 5 months ago
5 stars
Very nice location and the service is great the navies are nice I like the unit and I will recommend this place to friends and family and anyone else
Tina W. 5 months ago
5 stars
I have lived here for a year and 4 months and glad to call Kensington home. The staff and residents are friendly, caring abs gives me a sense of family. Great place to live!
Michelle P. 5 months ago
4 stars
Overall these apartments really try hard to make the life one stays here as comforting, and enjoyable as possible. They keep up with the maintenance in addition to making modifications and upgrades. They are quick to help with any issues that arise, as well as continue to be kind hearted, and patience. This place works for me but doesn't work for all. Check it out see if this is your next home, you may love it as much as I do.
Missy H. 5 months ago
5 stars
I love living here it’s been amazing six years me and my family of three have never had any problems here and we are close to a lot of shopping centers.
Shamari R. 6 months ago
4 stars
Love my location. Convenient to laundry and gym. Only negative is the rent is expensive and not being able to use the amenities due to Covid makes paying high rent not seem worth it but I still love being here.
Lydia J. 6 months ago
5 stars
I have lived at Kensington since 2002, and for the most part it is a quiet and friendly community. Even thought is has changed management a few times, my repairs and request are taken care of in a timely manner.
Melody C. 6 months ago
5 stars
This is a good property and the neighbors and staff are nice here and they do fix things. The neighborhood is nice as well. I think most anyone would like it here.
Mohammad S. 6 months ago
4.5 stars
I remember 5 years ago when we come here and a beautiful lady was shown us the apartment and She provided us with all the information we needed and showed us around. The flat is just perfect! Kitchen is compact and contains everything one needs. love the area of kingstone apartment, and the neighbor , and I recommend money of my friends.
Jack H. 6 months ago
3.5 stars
We are continuing to lay low with what's going on, but we're still here. Not much has changed with the exception that the Water Pumps were replaced months back, so the Plumbing underneath us Barley Heats the room now. Kind of disappointing cause that means we'll have use the Heater now sometimes, but at least we still get some Free Heat so it's not that bad. On the bright side at least we don't have to worry about getting Cooked in the Summer. I do however still hope the Pools will be Fully open by then. Overall I still recommend Kensington, and until the entire Complex is full, I shall continue to. But please finish all the Construction soon. It's starting to make things a little Inconvenient. That's my only Criticism until then, so Good Luck!