Tina 7 months ago
5 stars
Living at Kensington has been a great experience. Everyone is friendly and attentive to your needs and request. It is a place I love to call home.
Zalisha 8 months ago
5 stars
I have really enjoyed living here for over a year now. As we get closer to summer I’m excited for the pool that was recently built and using the bbq grills.
Nastaran 8 months ago
3.5 stars
It’s good. It’s very quiet here and it’s close to a lot of shops so that’s also good. But there is a car that keeps parking outside the trash can and it makes it very hard to park. I don’t like that.
Richard M. 8 months ago
5 stars
I have lived at Kensington for almost five years. I have lived in my current apartment for one year. My anniversary is March 19. During my stay at Kensington to be enjoyable. The apartment is nice, the grounds are kept nice and clean. The maintenance crew works hard to address any issues. The new manager is what Kensington needs. She's very nice and approachable.
Athena 8 months ago
1 stars
When I moved into my apartment back in 2016 I absolutely loved living here. The staff was super friendly and any issues I had were resolved within a reasonable time frame. Things are different now to the point where I'm considering breaking my lease and moving on. I think it's ridiculous that I have to drive to the post office to pick up my mail especially with the gas prices as high as they are. There has been no communication from the leasing office as to when the mailbox will be replaced. This has been a problem for over two months now. I've had an issue with the rental portal and requested my issued be corrected twice now and it hasn't been done. Trying to get someone on the phone to discuss it is a lost cause. I've left messages in the past and never received a return call. I'm so over it at this point.
Sharilynn 9 months ago
3 stars
Maintenance doesn’t always respond and the leasing office doesn’t call back. It can be noisy with the lawn mowers and leaf blowers.It’s a beautiful complex to live in though.
Amy D. 9 months ago
3.5 stars
I used to really love living here. But with the constant issues with the broken gates, and the scragglers coming through at night, it's gotten really bad. My boyfriends car has been broken into numerous times. Now, with his work truck being "jacked" with recently. These scumbags stole all of his work tools worth $250, and another $150 for the toolbox too. We have cameras, but apparently they're just there for looks. Boggles my mind. Other than that, the weather's been really nice. So looking forward to the pools opening back up again, especially the one by the leasing office. They did a really nice job!
Eboney 9 months ago
5 stars
I enjoy living here. I love the location of the property. The maintenance team as well as the office staff is great. The noise level isn’t bad.
Margie 9 months ago
5 stars
Been here a year. Office staff is very friendly. Always trying to be helpful. Whenever maintenance is needed they too are friendly and fix whatever they need to fast and efficient
Angelika 10 months ago
3.5 stars
So far me and my boyfriend are living comfortably here. We moved here from the Bay Area for college. The only complaints we would have is the gate malfunctioning and people touching/stealing our laundry and not being able to do anything about it. Another thing would be the machine taking our money when we try and use the washer and dryer with the card. Besides that we have no issue with noise and love the amenities. It does kind of sucks that we have to pay for certain utilities as a community even if you don’t use it. The area also hasn’t been an issue. We’ll most likely stay till we finish college!