Eboney B. 5 years ago
5 stars
This is an awesome community. Very well kept, the office staff is so nice. And the property is gorgeous. So glad I can call this place home.
Jessica W. 5 years ago
3 stars
Used to be a beautiful place to live, ground have become covered in dog poop which smells horrible. if cleaned up could be beautiful again. I would enjoy walking the grounds in the evening again
Brittany M. 5 years ago
3.5 stars
The apartments themselves are great and updated, but the grounds need a lot of work and the cat smell is overwhelming the majority of the time.
Nicole S. 5 years ago
5 stars
Great place. Decent rent. Pools. In the neighborhood I want to be in. Friendly service. Updated. Safe. We are super happy. We can't wait to move in!
Grant F. 5 years ago
2.5 stars
It's all around okay given it was built in the 70s. Dozens of feral cats that you can smell given there is little maintenance doesnt do much
Christopher A. 5 years ago
5 stars
Very quiet. Nicely maintained. Gated community and maintained. All pools and laundry facilities are usable and clean. Great vaulted ceilings on the 2nd floor. Assigned parking close to apartment is a plus.
Anthony P. 5 years ago
5 stars
It has been a pleasure living here, the staff is always available for questions, and any questions or concerns are quickly addressed and fixed without any issue.
William H. 5 years ago
3.5 stars
Please make sure that a professional fixes the car gates. S like everyday something breaks the gate. Maybe install a camera to monitore the malfunctions.
Stephanie F. 5 years ago
0.5 stars
Over priced for the ghetto trash that occupy space and breathe my air here, especially with no washer or dryer, or even hook ups, no icemaker in the refrigerator, I'm paying a pest control fee, yet keep getting ants in random places, and was forced to board my animal in order for maintenance to do a repair that should have been done PRIOR to my move in at the beginning of April 2017. Let's not forget to mention that when you make an appointment with maintenance, they don't show up, and when they do, they don't even look at all of the issues! I'll be thrilled when my lease is up and I can move into single family home, and do my own repairs.
Casie R. 5 years ago
3.5 stars
Overall I have really enjoyed living at Kensington. The staff has been responsive and friendly and I have had no issues. It is quiet for the most part besides inconsiderate neighbors pounding their music at late hours. I am very pleased.