Chadrick P. 5 years ago
3 stars
The apartment is not that bad. The apartments are spacious, and the complex is well kept. The staff is polite and helpful, and I have not had any major problems.
Susan J. 5 years ago
3 stars
I appreciate the staff. I especially appreciate the efficiency and positive attitude of the maintenance crew. I don't especially like the trash around the property.
Benjamin W. 5 years ago
3 stars
I ve been here for 3.5 years and the rent keeps going up. Every time i renew rent goes up another 100 dollars. My income stays the same and I have to move if it goes up again.
Sheri P. 5 years ago
4.5 stars
Really enjoying living here! Kensington Apartments has been great fun for the two years I've lived here. I enjoy the gardens, the walkways, the amenities, working with the office staff and maintenance crew - it's all good!!
Ashley J. 5 years ago
4 stars
I love it here. Management is very nice. Maintenance are very helpful fast to respond to all problems. Way better than the last apartments I lived at. Just wish rent was lower
Allen M. 5 years ago
2.5 stars
Areas smell like cat urine and crap. Many residents use visitor spots as their own 2nd parking spot and dont move their cars for months. They also have expired tags and just sit with webs and dirt all over. Loud residents. Parties often. Kids playing and hanging on entrance gate, which seems broken every other week
Hester T. 5 years ago
4 stars
Staff is quite pleasant! I have noticed some sprucing up on the property and I am pleased with that. Someone keeps throwing garbage on the ground instead of inside of the dumpster.
Casey K. 5 years ago
5 stars
Love it here! Looking forward to a great summer by the pool with the neighbors. Everyone is very nice here and it's great to be soooo close to everything especially the bowling alley!
Michael P. 5 years ago
4 stars
It's been safe and quiet living here for the most part. The complex is looking great and most major issues seem to be resolved. It's been a good value despite rising rents region-wide.
Magda l T. 5 years ago
5 stars
Everything has been great since moving in. The office crew is friendly and attentive. I haven't had any maintenance issues so far, but I suppose that's yet another plus!