Tasauna 10 months ago
5 stars
I moved here a month after the pandemic began, when everything around us was up in the air. The process for moving in was new to everyone and I was very impressed with how smoothly things went. My questions were answered immediately, and still are. Maintenance is polite, professional, and efficient. I’ve only called a couple of times but have always received immediate responses. Office staff is kind and courteous and so are the tenants I’ve run across. I look forward to renewing my lease for a second time this April! :)
Jabari 10 months ago
4.5 stars
really like the property a lot — I haven't been here long but I am really enjoying the property so far. Parking I get a reserved spot in the surface lot close to the door of my building which is really great There's always extra surface lot spaces as well which is great, especially if you are having guests over.
May 10 months ago
4 stars
The services here are really great. I like how each time I have any problems with the place, and request for maintenance, they show up and take care of the problems right away.
Abbey 10 months ago
5 stars
Kensington apartments is a really nice environment. I enjoy that there are so many laundry rooms, pools, etc. There’s always something to enjoy and get me out of the house in our community :)
Alexander 10 months ago
3 stars
A good place, not great. The management and employees change often and the feral cats were charming at first, but they defecate everywhere and attract fleas. The trees are nice and there are not many neighbors to combine about, but the noise after 11 pm can be bad in general.
Lynnae 10 months ago
5 stars
I love it here, the people are great super friendly and quiet. The apartments are nice and clean. Nice neighborhood lots if trees. The apartments inside are really nice.
Verified Resident 10 months ago
4 stars
Well i normally have good things to say about this place but seems like for the last 3 or so months things have changed. It doesnt seem as friendly as before. So i dunno well see. Always people moving in and out.
Lona 10 months ago
5 stars
Everything is quiet as usual I love it here I have my Garden to take care of it's so quiet back here it's wonderful I just love living here I hope everybody in the office is okay can keep you guys going to
Clarence 11 months ago
5 stars
You guys charge too much for rent you got charged to take out trash I can take my own trash out you guys have all these extra charges that don't need to be charged you guys need to stop all these charges these charges are getting outrageous how's that for Sam
Randil 11 months ago
3.5 stars
It is a good experience however there are things that should've have been done to have an amazing experience. Like the gates is not foxed right away, people making some noise while walking around while we are in the moddle of the sleep at night and people just bump in easily my car and dont take responsibility. However all I will still give a good rate since most of the time is a nice place to be.