Suzanne V. 7 years ago
3.5 stars
Overall my experience has been good, very few issues, it very quiet here and the apartments are roomy. They allow pets so that is awesome and am close to many things.
Susan J. 7 years ago
4 stars
I love this apartment. It makes me happier than any other space I've lived in--truly. I'm having issues with fleas, probably due to the excess of feral cats, and mounds of cat vomit I wouldn't find elsewhere, but otherwise I've had a great experiences so far!
Raeann O. 7 years ago
4.5 stars
Been here a month and we like it. Don't like the heat on the 3 rid floor but dealing with it. The apt is big and I like that a lot. Thank you
Christina G. 7 years ago
4 stars
Very quiet and clean complex. The maintenance team is helpful and the office staff are always courteous. Repairs are timely and their website is useful. Always keeping everyone involved in community events too.
William B. 7 years ago
4.5 stars
Overall the experience with living at Kensington is sound, the staff are extremely professional, kind and supportive. It is safe to live here, convenient with shopping, entertainment as well as being close to the freeway for those who commute or travel often.
Heidi P. 7 years ago
5 stars
Love the Team at Kensington. The Office Staff are amazing and very helpful, the staff working the grounds are awesome, they really look out for you & the kids.
Lila S. 7 years ago
1 stars
Problem 1) bedrooms back up to the parking lot Loud music wakes me up 2) Pet owners don't clean up after their pets, tired of stepping in it