Lona C. 10 months ago
3.5 stars
Little things are still really nice and quiet here and I'm things aren't looking too good in the garden because we had a leak Jamaican eat or adapt but you look it back I can do it little by little my leg is still bad but I guess it's going to be that way I don't know been 6 months now
Amanda C. 10 months ago
3 stars
I wish the office staff would be more available by phone. I have repeatedly tried to get someone on the phone and it always goes to voicemail.
Deseray A. 10 months ago
5 stars
Awesome and quiet place to live. Perfect place to live Close to work and my kids school. Also has plenty of shopping areas near by. 3 pools, laundry and a gym.
Austin M. 10 months ago
5 stars
awesome place to live great people, the only thing that gets to be alot can be the rent price its all fine until they accidentally charge you multiple times for renters insurance
Jose R. 10 months ago
5 stars
So far the staff has been amazing and helpful and I am looking forward to staying here. Not much I can complain right now keep up the great work
Mohammad S. 11 months ago
5 stars
I love the community of the Kingstone in Kings Way which I leave their for 5 years with my lovely family and we really in joyed from our area and with our neighbors .
Tyler R. 11 months ago
5 stars
The apartment are a mellow nice area to live. Appliance are all nice are apartment are pretty big. There also always mantinence on site and remodeling done
Melody Y. 11 months ago
5 stars
All the staff are incredibly helpful and sweet, especially given the challenges of the past two years! Amentities are well-kept, and my neighbors are also really nice.
Zalisha O. 11 months ago
5 stars
It’s been really nice living here. It’s clean and everyone seems friendly. Management seems to really care about the tenants with the different events and giveaways, keep it up Kensington!
Missy H. 11 months ago
5 stars
Been here going on six years and I love it it’s amazing and quiet and I never have any issues and I’m right by my job and there’s a school down the street